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Working with Packshare - The Cornish Seaweed Company

To kick off our 'Working with Packshare' series of blogs, here's the wonderful Cornish Seaweed Company who have been extremely supportive and enthusiastic about Packshare from the outset.

New for 2018 - 100% compostable packaging

The Cornish Seaweed company have garnered a lot of national press over the past few years for championing the re-introduction of seaweed into the British diet. Already a household name in West Cornwall, further afield the company are regularly name-dropped by Michelin starred chefs, supply dozens of whole food stores around the country and are respected advocates for the nutrient-rich, environmentally sustainable superfood that is seaweed. Recently they’ve been featured on the BBC’s Back To The Land with Kate Humble and published The Seaweed Cookbook - a guide to edible seaweeds and how to cook with them.

Since being named Cornish Business of the Year in 2015 and Best Contribution Towards Creating A Sustainable Food Economy in the Cornwall Sustainability awards, the small team of Seaweeders have relocated to larger premises in Gweek and honed their processes to keep up with the growing demand for their products.


Sustainability is at the core of what the Cornish Seaweed Company is about. From locally hand harvesting on a 1 mile stretch of Cornish coast, to brand new 100% compostable packaging, their environmental ethos really does run through everything they do, which already includes re-using mail-order packaging whenever they can. We are very excited to have them on board with Packshare.

From a packaging point of view, their challenges are fairly mild. They mostly pack durable pre-packaged seaweed in cardboard boxes of various sizes. They sell to national distributors and individuals through their website so handle various sized orders requiring a variety of sized cardboard boxes from big to very small. They also sell bottled kelp tablets (containing a natural source of iodine which helps regulate metabolism) and tubs of Cornish Seaweed Salt, a collaboration with the Cornish Sea Salt Company.

Boxing up seaweed to be posted out.

By signing up to Packshare, Cornish Seaweed are taking an extra step towards a sustainable future. With their product packaging already compostable and recyclable, they're always on the lookout for better solutions, and what could be more sustainable than reusing other people's waste packaging?

Why go through the effort of recycling cardboard when a local business can reuse it? Less landfill, less new packaging being produced, and it supports your local businesses. You can do something tangible today.


Find the Cornish Seaweed Company online at

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